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“We have now merged our 3D animation and video production services with Think Allowed.”

Since we started this company 3 years ago, we have provided many services including product design, basic prototyping, product realisation, motion graphics, video production, visual effects, and 3D animation. As such, for many of our customers, it was sometimes confusing as to what we offer because there was too much on the menu, so to speak.

Over the past year, we were fortunate enough to work alongside the team at Think Allowed, and with an ever greater demand for 3D animation and video production, merging the businesses and increasing the size of the team was ‘a real no-brainer’. We’re currently redeveloping this site and rebranding as ‘Molimi Design’ to focus more directly on being a dedicated design and product realisation service. In the meantime, we have now merged our 3D animation and video production services with Think Allowed.

We’re still the same team offering the same excellent service. Head over to the new site to see our latest showreel.

Visit our website at www.thinkallowed.com for more information.

3D animation and video production www.thinkallowed.com
3D animation and video production www.thinkallowed.com



Molimi Digital Arts offer a wide range of digital image and animation solutions. We aim to provide content for industry, education and architecture through to video games, TV and film.

3D commercial kitchen render
Still from restaurant hygiene training video

Molimi use a combination of different software to take your ideas and concepts from the drawing board and bring them to life.

Whether all you need is a 10 second promotional animation for your business website or longer more elaborate sequences for film, TV or commercial use Molimi can work with you to fulfil your needs.

Molimi is an independent UK based company centred in the East Midlands. This allows us to offer a very flexible service, produce a very high quality product and still keep our costs competitive.

Ring our team today on 0800 059 9833 to discuss your enquiry.

Email: sales@molimidesign.com

Or chat to Rob Harris directly on 07739 550568.

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