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Who are Molimi and what does it mean?

Molimi Digital Arts are Chris Newstead, Matt Burkey, Rob Harris, Nick Willett, Li Xie and Megan Harris.

Matt penned the word Molimi to describe his creative state of mind. More accurately ‘M.o.l.i.m.i.’ is an acronym of the phrase “My only limit is my imagination”. Whilst he and Chris were working together on a project for a friend they discussed their attitudes to art and creativity and decided that ‘Molimi’ was at the heart of everything they did creatively. This company has grown from that shared interest in 3D graphics and animation and is now branching out into providing other creative services including product design and 3D printed prototyping.

We are now based in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter allowing us to network and offer our expertise to other businesses and studios in the industry.

In their own words:

CHRIS NEWSTEAD | Director of Design

“Having worked as an engineer in the manufacturing industry, coupled with my passion for creative digital modelling, I have built up a range of design and visualisation skills. I work with our manufacturing clients to help the develop their ideas, refine their designs and realise their product’s full potential.”


MATT BURKEY | Director of Animation


“My primary interest is in 3D computer graphics and animation, however I’m excited about the potential applications of new and evolving technologies such as VR and Augmented Reality for a more interactive and immersive storytelling experience.”


NICK WILLETT | 3D Animation and Video Production

Nick Willett

“I have been working in the creative industries for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work in a number of different roles.   The common thread throughout has been a passion for story telling through 3D animation and film/video production which today is how I spend most of my time.”

ROB HARRIS | Sales Director

“As a trained product designer I have always been interested in creative industries. I have spent much of my career in manufacturing industry and have experience of many different markets. My role is to identify the potential application of 3D graphics, animation and 3D printed prototypes to architects, OEMs, educational institutions, film and TV companies.”

MEGAN HARRIS | Marketing

“Being the youngest member of the Molimi team, I am the biggest victim of the social media craze and therefore I understand (better than the guys) the full potential and how we can use Twitter and Facebook to strengthen the impact of our work. I use the various platforms to showcase the true talents of our team and to identify how we can use animation and digital media for an array of industries.

LI XIE | Animation China

“With ever tightening budgets there is an increased need to find low cost animation solutions. In association with our Nottingham based team, I work with our Chinese studios to deliver a high quality product to within deadline at very competitive rates.”

Ring our team today on 0800 059 9833 to discuss your enquiry.

Email: sales@molimidesign.com

Or chat to Rob Harris directly on 07739 550568.

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