A Digital Building Block For Your Business

Animation is largely considered a concept of entertainment for the younger generations and children’s TV and only this. From Disney to cartoons and YouTube to social media, the notion of digital arts has been tainted by the television and internet. Therefore, business’s regularly stick to old-fashioned brochures and email campaigns when they could present their target customers with a shiny new digital art sequence. This should not be the case! In actual fact, animation lends […]


The Many Faces of Animation

Animation covers many different types of moving art, whether fully rendered 3D animation, digital video, 3D or 2D motion graphics, kinetic typograhy or visual effects. Being an animator, therefore, can entail so many different skills, topics and usages. Thinking about animation you might initially think of cartoons but we find ourselves using our toolset to work on a wide variety of projects from product realisation and visualisation to corporate presentations and walkthroughs. Customers will come […]


Marketing Animation

As a psychology student of just over 4 years, it would be an understatement to say that I’m interested in the mind and people. As a teenager I am also a victim of the various social media platforms. This gives me the chance to discover different ways to use them for animation which is why marketing for Molimi is my thing. Every time Molimi sends an e-mail or posts on Twitter, I make sure to […]


Realistic Animation… The Art of Faking It

When it comes to computer graphics and animation, many times the goal is to generate a realistic view of a product or even create a slice of a believable living world. Life inside computer graphics software is by default sterile and clean so creating something that looks natural and organic takes quite a bit of effort. To sell a scene convincingly it’s about the little details; the leaves blowing in the wind, a bird […]


Where Molimi Digital Arts Began

It was during the early-to-mid-nineties that my parents took me to see Jurassic Park and later Toy Story. I was blown away! I was fascinated by use of computers in bringing extinct creatures and inanimate objects to life in ways never before seen. It was at that point I knew I wanted to explore the use of computers as an animation tool. I bought a computer magazine in 1997 from a local shop that had […]


Why I Love Animation

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by cartoons. I grew up, like many, watching the antics of Tom and Jerry, Wile. E. Coyote and Road Runner, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, not to mention many of the exciting action packed animated series of the 80’s and early 90’s (which I’d be quick to label the ‘golden era’ of children’s cartoons). As I grew up I gained an appreciation for what these cartoons were; these […]


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