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The 2017 3D Animation and Design Showreel

It’s been another busy year and we’re excited to showcase a compilation of clips from many of the exciting 3D animation projects we’ve worked on over the past 12 months. We’ve created a wide range of 3D animated videos for a great variety of different purposes; demonstrating everything from methods of pest control to revolutionary new technology and products. Also, there’s a peek at some of the work we did for veteran Star Trek scriptwriter […]


Have you heard about the bird?

Everybody’s heard about the bird! Okay, we’ve had that song stuck in our heads for weeks now as we’ve been working on a video highlighting the problems birds can cause to homes and businesses. We’ve previously created videos for JG Pest Control dealing with bedbugs and rodents, and this time we put birds under the spotlight. Once again JG turned to us to create a high quality 3D animated video to explain their methods of […]


Christmas 360 Video Message

It’s that time of year again! We’ve had a fantastic year designing and creating all manner of product designs and animated videos (a lot of which we’re not allowed to show) so we decided to create a bit of Christmas magic in a special 360 video animation. WHAT’S SO SPECIAL? This year our video is viewable in the 360 format. You’re free to look around as the video plays; either by dragging with your […]


Flare Audio Isolate 3D Visualisation

Flare Audio design and manufacture high-end audio equipment. In 2016 they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest project Isolate. As the name suggests, these revolutionary solid aluminium micro ear protectors isolate you from noise like never before. 3D Visualisations We worked in collaboration with a local filmmaker to produce the promotional video. More specifically, we were involved in creating several animated 3D visualisations of the Isolate ear plug which showcases the unique design. Flare […]


The Mouse in the House

Following on from the success of the Bedbug video, JG Pest Control asked us to create a 3D animated explainer video about the problems households can face with rodents. In the video, we explore points of entry and effective methods of dealing with unwanted visitors. As with the previous video we made, we learned more than we bargained for regarding rodent waste elimination, suffice it to say we checked and double checked our houses […]


Drip and Drop Animation

In early 2015, Molimi were approached by a school in the West Midlands who were competing in a national campaign about saving water. The campaign was about ways we waste water in the home and ways we can save water. “Drip” and “Drop” were two characters created by the schools pupils and they were voiced by the children themselves – we just had to animate them! We also created a house and garden for the characters to […]


The Nightmare of Bed Bugs

When JG Pest Control asked us to make a 3D animated explainer video about Bed Bug eradication we had no idea of the horrors we’d see! One of the most exciting aspects of this job is learning about new things in the process of creating videos. In this case, we learned about Bed Bug infestation; where to look for them and the relatively extreme measures required to get rid of them and prevent re-infestation. […]


Our latest animation showreel (2016)

It’s been a busy year here at Molimi Digital Arts and we’re proud to present to you our brand new showreel. From some of our oldest work to some of our newest work, our brand new showreel offers architectural visualisation and product realisation to really show off what we do here at Molimi Digital Arts. Here we go! For more detail on some of the projects you’ve seen in our showreel, please visit the […]


Back to the final frontier!

About two years ago we got involved with a production company called House of Diggs Productions based out in sunny Los Angeles, CA on a project called ‘The Crypto-Historians’. Whilst that particular project is still a work in progress we are pleased to announce that we have also been involved in a much bigger project for HODP but had to keep quiet about it until now. That’s been really difficult given how excited we […]


Wrapmaster Duo

We were tasked with creating an instructional video for Wrap Film Systems’s new product, the Wrapmaster Duo. We were provided with the original CAD model which we then broke down into it’s component parts and reassembled in our software ready to be animated. The finished video demonstrates how to load the unit and how it operates. (Special thanks to Paula at the Wilsthorpe Tavern for letting me photograph their kitchen) -Chris


U.S.S. Invictus

The U.S.S Invictus  is part of one of our biggest projects to date and perhaps the one we have to thank for bringing Molimi to life in the first place. Just what is the story behind this magnificent Airship? Well, in essence it was all about being in the right place at the right time. We were approached by Jimmy Diggs, a writer/actor/director in the U.S.A. who asked if we would be willing to […]


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