As a company we offer a range of animation solutions to provide 3D animated scenes for short promotional videos or longer video sequences.

DRIP & DROP: Find Water Wasting Dilemmas

This is an animation we put together working with the students at North East Wolverhampton Academy. The students created a presentation on the importance of saving water around the home using a couple of characters named Drip and Drop.

All we need is a design from you and we can model and animate 3D scenes bringing your products to life or visualising your prototypes from CAD data.


The Top Baiter is a revolutionary new angling product specifically for delivering bait and attractant in a single cast. Molimi was involved at all stages including design, prototyping and marketing of the finished product.

Using kinetic typography and motion graphics, we can bring animated text to videos providing more dynamic visuals to highlight your product or service.

JG ENVIRONMENTAL: Bed Bug Eradication

This short video highlights the elimination of bed bugs through the combinations JG Enviromental’s 5 star heat treatment and chemical shield. This treatment is extremely effective in domestic and commercial environments as well as boats, road vehicles, caravans, luggage and furniture.

We are able to provide 360° animations of scenes and products which are extremely useful for architectural tours allowing the viewer to look around and explore an entire environment.

360° VIDEO: Restaurant Fly-Through

To interact with this video:

  • Using a PC or laptop – Drag with your mouse to look around.
  • Using a mobile phone or tablet – Move the device to look around.

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