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Molimi as a team have years of solid experience in product design and CAD modelling which enables us to provide a strong product design service for digital modelling. Molimi can produce 3D computer models which can be still images or a mechanically functional object in sequence. Given your concepts we can take a rough sketch and produce a fully rendered concept design for a polished finish. From the minute we start our work with you until we finish your digital model, we will consult at all stages of the process to ensure that the finished product is as close to your original concept as possible.

Every model we create is suitable for realistic 3D rendering and animation which means we can make the model as realistic as you like or as animated as you like so that the end product is suitable for its purpose. We can change and adapt models so that they are suitable for prototyping and we can even offer in-house 3D printing services to provide not just a visual representation but a physical model as well.


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